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CAP PC/TEACH Podcast Academy 11/17/2017 Episode 4: What Families Should Expect at the First Therapy Session

In this episode of CAP-PC’s Podcast Academy, Rochester Liaison Coordinator Amy Lyons draws upon her extensive experience as a child therapist to help you better understand what happens when your patient goes to his/her first therapy session. There is a real focus in the first session on developing a relationship as well as some of the logistic necessities of starting a therapeutic relationship. You can help your families understand the realities and expectations of that first session in therapy by preparing them beforehand. Future Podcast Academy episodes will focus on different types and styles of psychotherapy and how you can encourage patients and families to get the most of their therapy experience.

CAP PC/TEACH Podcast Academy 7/06/2017 Episode 3: Talking to Parents about Anxiety

Before therapy or medications – how do we talk to parents about anxiety in their children? We discuss strategies to keep anxiety on our radar and how to help parents avoid avoidance, improve their communication with other adults supporting an anxious child, and promote resilient growth and development for all kids.

Accomodations vs. Expectations Spectrum

CAP PC/TEACH Podcast Academy 2/17/2017 Episode 2 Part 2: Addressing Mental Health Issues in Transgender Children and Adolescent in Primary Care, Part 2

In Part 2, we discuss how pediatric primary care providers can help families and their children navigate some of these challenging experiences and address mental health issues that may arise.
Two resources that we would like to highlight are AAP’s Policy Statement on Office-Based Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth and the AAP/Human Rights Campaign joint document, Supporting and Caring for Transgender Children. Also check out our recent newsletter discussing the topic.

CAP PC/TEACH Podcast Academy 2/17/17 Episode 2 Part 1: Addressing Mental Health Issues in Transgender Children and Adolescents in Primary Care, Part 1

Have you worked with a child or adolescent that has been struggling with gender? These patients are more likely to deal with emotional challenges and may need your support in addressing mental health issues that may arise. Families also need guidance with how to help and support these children. In Part 1, Dr. Eric MacMaster discusses key definitions and mental health issues that can arise in this population.

CAP PC/TEACH Podcast Academy 9/9/16 Episode 1: What Do You Say to Families Before Prescribing Medications for ADHD?

How do we have the first conversations with families about ADHD? When children struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or other related challenges, families need guidance around how to work with schools and change strategies at home. Dr. Jim Wallace guides us on having these first conversations with families about helping these children “before meds.”

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