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The following is a list of questionnaires and rating scales for use in the primary care office. They are evidence-based, user-friendly, and available as free downloads. They are organized by condition and the table indicates whether the instrument is useful for screening (Screen), diagnosis (Dx), and/or monitoring treatment (Track).
Age Range
Dx Aide
  MOAS (retrospective; parent)      
  Nisonger CBRF scoring        
  Outburst Monitoring Scale NEW      
  Edelbrock Rating Scale      
  Vanderbilt Parent Rating    
  Vanderbilt Parent Rating (Spanish)    
  Vanderbilt Teacher Rating    
  Vanderbilt Teacher Rating (Spanish)    
  Vanderbilt Scoring        
  Vanderbilt Parent Follow up      
  Vanderbilt Teacher Follow up      
  ADHD Rating Scale (adults)  
  Modified CHAT (M-CHAT; parent)  
  M-CHAT scoring        
  M-CHAT Follow Up        
  GAD-7  NEW  
  GAD-7 Scoring        
  SCARED (youth)  
  SCARED child  (Spanish) NEW
  SCARED parent (Spanish) NEW  
Bipolar disorder          
  Young Mania Rating Scale  
  Young Mania Rating Scale scoring  
  CES-DC (Depression Scale for Children) (ages 6-17 yr)
  Columbia Rating Scale (parent, youth)  
  Columbia Rating Scale Child ( Spanish) NEW  
  Columbia Rating Scale Parent (Spanish) NEW  
  Mood and Feelings Questionnaire (ages 8-18): Requires registration  
  PHQ-9 (modified for teens)  
  PHQ-9 teen scoring        
  PHQ-9 (adults)  
  PHQ-9 for Teens (Spanish)NEW  
  Edinbrugh Postnatal Depression (mother)  
Eating Disorders          
  Eating Attitude Test  
Functional Assessment          
General Psychosocial Screen          
  PSC (baby) NEW  
  PSC baby Scoring
  PSC baby (spanish) NEW  
  PSC preschool NEW  
  PSC preschool Scoring        
  PSC-17 (youth)  
  PSC-17 Scoring        
  PSC-17 (Spanish)  
  Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires  
General Medical          
  Body Mass Index    
Medication Side Effects          
  Barnes Akathisia Scale (self)      
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder          
  YBOCS (parents)      
  YBOCS Scoring        
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder          
  PTSD Child Sx Scale NEW  
  PTSD Child Sx Scale Scoring        
Substance Abuse          
  CRAFFT (English; parents)  
  CRAFFT (multiple languages)  
  DAST 10 New  
  Screening to Brief Intervention (S2BI) Tool New  
  Yale Global Tic Severity Scale (YGTSS) NEW        

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